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Frequently Asked Questions


Where Is My Order?

  • How do I track the status of my order and order shipment?
    You can track your order and shipped package a few different ways:
    • Your order confirmation email will have a purchase ID number at the top of the email. Enter that number and your billing zip code into the Track Your Order form on our Customer Care page.  Your order details will appear.  If your order has been shipped, you will see a carrier tracking number that you can click on to track the progress of your order shipment. 

    • You can also sign in to your account online to view your order history. From there, you can view your order details. To track the progress of your order shipment, you can also click “Track Your Order” on 

    • Your order shipment confirmation email will include a carrier tracking number with a link to a Track Your Order page. From there, you can track your package real-time and sign up to receive tracking updates via text message. 

    For each shipment, you will receive an email notification the day before your package is scheduled to be delivered and you will also receive a delivery confirmation email after delivery. 
    Some other details to consider:
    • When an order ships depends on the availability of the ordered product. 

    • JD Sports reserves the right to restrict product quantities per order at our discretion. We may cancel orders that exceed these limits without prior notice. 

    • The estimated delivery time for your order is based on the number of business days it takes to process and pick your order PLUS the carrier’s transit time. Delivery and transit times will vary based on the order's final destination. A business day is considered Monday through Friday, not including holidays. 

  • I didn’t receive my order, but my order tracking details shows it has been delivered. What’s going on?
    If your order tracking details shows that your package was delivered, but you can't find it within 1-2 days of expected delivery:
    • Ensure your shipping address is correct

    • Check for a notice of attempted delivery

    • Search the area of your delivery location for your package, like your mailbox or wherever else you receive mail

    • Check with neighbors to see if someone else received or accepted the package

    • Wait an additional 1-2 days as some packages may be reported as delivered up to 36 hours prior to arrival

  • What if I receive the wrong item or my order is missing an item?
    1. If you are missing an item(s), track your order to make sure that there is still not another package on the way. 
    2. If you received the package and it contains the wrong item or an item is missing, we’ll work with you to make it right. Please contact Customer Care for instructions on returning the incorrect item.

Finding Your Favorite Products

  • How do I find a specific product?

    Look for products in these easy ways:

    • Search for product name or style number in the search bar at the top of every page.
    • Browse by category, e.g., Men’s Running, using the navigation at the top of every page.
  • Will my local JD Sports store have the same merchandise as

    Some items may only be available online or only available in select stores.

    If you would like to check to see if a JD Sports store near you has an item you are looking for online, try this method:

    • Use our online store locator to contact that store. Have the style number or product name on hand to speed up your product-finding journey.


  • When does JD Sports release hot products?

    If you are looking for a particular shoe to drop, then first check out our Sneaker Release Dates page on

    Some helpful suggestions:

    • You can narrow down the Sneaker Release List by date, gender and brand.
    • You can download a reminder on iCal or Google Calendar.

    All shoes on our Sneaker Release List drop at 10 am ET unless otherwise stated via JD Sports email and/or social media outlets.


  • How can I stay informed about hot releases?

    We know you want your sneakers and we'll do our best to keep you informed about hot releases and product sellouts.
    Three things can help you stay ahead of the game when it comes to getting the gear you want:

    By visiting and keeping up with our social channels and our emails, you’ll stay in the know about launch times, product releases and product sellouts. The more you know, the better chance you have at getting your hands on the hottest products out there.

  • What browser should I use to shop on

    Not all browsers are created equal. For the smoothest, fastest shopping experience, we recommend using the latest version of any of the following browsers:

    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Apple Safari
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
    • Microsoft Edge



  • What shoe and clothing size will fit me?

    We want you to find your best fit, whether you're shopping for footwear, clothing or accessories. 

    Each product page contains a “Size Chart” link to handy sizing charts beneath the product's available sizes so that you can determine how your size will convert between various genders and ages. Click the “Size Chart” link to view comparative sizing (measured in inches) to best understand typical size suggestions and conversions. For a full listing of our sizing charts, click here.


  • What clothing size will fit me?

    We want you to find your best fit, whether you're shopping for footwear, clothing or accessories. Each product page contains a link to handy sizing charts beneath the product's available sizes. Click the “Size Chart” link to view comparative sizing (measured in inches) to best understand typical size suggestions and conversions. For a full listing of our sizing charts, click here.

    Click here for more information on the returns process.

    To help you get the right fit for your kids from the get-go, use our Kids' Measuring Guide.

Completing A Purchase

  • How do I make a purchase online?

    You can complete your purchase on in 5 simple steps. 

    Once you find the product that you want to buy, select the style, color and size. Select "Add to basket".

    1. Basket
    Click the “basket” icon to view the items in your basket. After reviewing the items, click "Proceed to Checkout" or "Checkout with PayPal" (to checkout with PayPal, you will select the “PayPal” method of payment on the Payment & Billing page).

    2. Sign In or continue as Guest
    For express checkout, you can sign in to your JDX account. You can create a JDX account during the checkout process if you don’t already have one or you can check out as a Guest. 

    If you already have an JDX account, sign in by entering your email address and password. If you previously created an JDX account and forgot your password, we can help you with that. Click on the “Sign In” link and then the “Forgot Password” link.

    3. Shipping 
    Provide the shipping address and destination for your order. If you are checking out using an JDX account, the shipping address you previously used will appear. You can use the same address or edit it here. 

    Select the delivery method you want to apply to the order. Shipping charges may apply. Remember, estimated delivery and carrier transit times may vary based on your order's final destination.

    Select "Continue to Payment & Billing".

    4. Payment & Billing
    Select your method of payment and provide the billing address. If your billing and shipping address are the same, you can check the box indicating this.
    If you select “PayPal” or “PayPal Credit”, you’ll be directed to PayPal’s website. You’ll need to sign in on the PayPal website and provide information payment there. You’ll You’ll be able to review your order details on before your order is placed. 

    You can also pay using a JD Sports gift card. 

    Select “Continue to Order Review”.

    5. Order Review and Placement
    Ensure all order information is correct. On this page, you can edit your shipping information and payment and billing information before placing the order.

    Select "Place Your Order" to complete checkout.

    After placing your order, you’ll be redirected to an Order Confirmation page which will list your order ID number. You’ll also receive an Order Confirmation via email once you complete the checkout process. Please print the order confirmation page or save your order ID number for your records. 

    You can track your order using the Track Your Order form on the Customer Care page

  • Can I buy an item at and pick it up in store?

    Absolutely! With our Buy Online, Pick Up In Store Program, we do our best to make it easy for you to find the item you want online, purchase it and pick it up in store.

    Before you add an item to your bag, select the "Store Pickup" option. Then, choose the store you'd like to pick the shoes up from by clicking the "Choose Location" link and entering your city and state or zip code. If the item is available at a store near you, select which store you'd like to pick it up at and click "Select & Continue."  At that point, you'll be able to add the item to your shopping bag to pick up in your chosen store.

    Once you have placed your order, you'll receive an Order Confirmation by email. You'll receive another email when your item is ready to be picked up in-store.

    Help us help you:

    • To avoid your order being canceled, pick up your item in-store within 7 days after you receive the email notification that your item is ready to be picked up.
    • When you pick up your item(s) in store, please bring your confirmation email, a photo ID and the form of payment you used to complete the order with you.
  • Does JD Sports offer Military Discounts?
    If you are serving or have served in any branch of the U.S. Military, you (and your spouse, domestic partner and dependents) may qualify for a 10% discount on in-store purchases in JD Sports stores. 

    Active and veteran and retired U.S. military personnel and members of the Reserves and National Guard qualify for this discount. Civilians who are employed by the Federal government or work on a military base do not qualify for this discount. 

    Valid U.S. Military ID of eligible customer must be presented at time of purchase by eligible customer identified on ID. Valid forms of ID include U.S. Military Services Privilege & Identification Card, Uniformed Services ID Card, DD214, VFW Membership card, Veterans Advantages VetRewards Card, VA Veterans ID Card and American Legion Membership Card. 

    Please note:

    • This discount is not valid on purchase of gift cards. 
    • This discount may be combined with one valid Winners Circle Reward, but may not be combined with any other discount, coupon or offer, prior purchase, exchange or refund. 
    • This discount may be used on purchases of sale items. 
    • This offer is subject to coupon exclusions. 
    • We limit one discount per eligible customer per day. 

    JD Sports reserves the right to modify or cancel this offer at any time.

  • What items are not eligible for a discount?

    Our coupons and other promotional discounts can’t be applied towards the purchase of some of the items we offer for sale, which are listed here. This list does change from time to time, so be sure to check back often for updates. There are a ton of other items that we carry so don't let these few exclusions get you down.

    In addition, the products listed on our exclusions list  DO NOT apply to meet minimum purchase amounts on certain offers we provide.


  • Why did my order cancel?

    There are several reasons we may have canceled your order.  Order cancellations may be because of what you have ordered, how you tried to pay for your order, the location to which you’ve chosen to ship your order and even the duration the items in your order have been sitting in your shopping Basket before you checked out.

    Here’s a brief explanation of the most common reasons for why your order may be canceled.

    • Inventory issues. All of our orders are subject to product availability.  We do our best to keep stock status current and up-to-date. But, there may be instances when an item may actually be out of stock when you order it or is no longer available when we try to locate it to fulfill your order. 
    • Payment issues. We may not have been able to process your payment because of issues with the information you provided for your payment method or billing address. For example, the billing address and phone number you provided for your credit card account does not match what your bank has on file.
    • Shipment issues. You may have provided an incorrect or incomplete shipping address and we are unable to complete delivery of your order.
    • Excess orders. The items and quantities of items you have ordered may have exceeded limits we place on such orders. 

    We will email you to let you know when we’ve canceled your whole order or a portion of your order.  If your order is canceled and you need assistance, please contact Customer Care.

  • When will I receive my funds back if my order was not approved or canceled?
    If you paid by debit/credit card:  We don’t charge for your order until it ships. When you place an order, we contact your debit or credit card's issuing financial institution to confirm that your card is valid and has not been reported as lost or stolen. An authorization to charge results in a pending transaction or hold on your account for the amount of the order. So, when an order or a portion of an order is canceled before your order ships, you actually have not been charged for the canceled portion of the order.  The financial institution determines the length of the hold and when the authorization or temporary hold is reversed or released.  Pending authorizations may take up to seven (7) business days to be reversed or released.

    If you paid with a JD Sports Gift Card:  Your refund will be placed on a new Gift Card which will be mailed to you.

    If your order was partially canceled, we will send you a gift card in the mail for the amount of the canceled item(s).

Payment Information

  • What forms of payment do you accept on
    We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Apple Pay, Afterpay, Klarna and JD Sports gift cards as forms of payment.
  • How do I use a JD Sports Gift card to pay for a purchase on JD

    To use a JD Sports Gift Card for an online purchase, during the checkout process enter the gift card number on the “Payment & Billing” page in the checkout process along with the pin number located on the back of the card (you may need to scratch off to get the pin number). After you “APPLY” the gift card to your Order Total, you may click on “Continue to Order Review”. 

    If there is a remaining balance to pay after you apply your gift card, you can enter your debit or credit card information to pay the balance.

    If the gift card you applied covers the order’s Total amount, you will not need to enter your credit card information and you can proceed to the next step in the checkout process. 

    If you have a JD Sports Gift Card that does not have a pin number on the back, please contact Customer Care for assistance.


  • What if I don’t have a credit card to make a purchase with?
    You have the option of using a Visa or MasterCard debit card to make an online purchase. JD Sports Gift Cards and PayPal are other methods of payment we accept for online purchases. However, if you’re unable to pay using one of these methods, please visit a JD Sports store to pay with cash.
  • When is my debit or credit card charged?

    We don’t charge your debit or credit card for your order until it ships.

    When an order is first placed with JD Sports, we contact your debit or credit card's issuing financial institution to authorize the transaction. The financial institution confirms whether or not your card is valid and has not been reported as lost or stolen. An authorization to charge results in a pending transaction or hold on your account for the amount of the order. Your debit or credit card will be charged once your order has shipped.

    The financial institution determines how long pending transactions and holds remain on your account. It can vary among financial institutions, so if you have any questions about pending transactions and holds and related charges you see on your account, please contact the appropriate financial institution for assistance.



  • Why isn’t my coupon working?

    If your coupon is not working, verify that the item you are trying to use it with is not on the current list of coupon exclusions. Please view our current coupon exclusions here.

    If no coupon exclusion applies, verify that your shopping Basket meets the terms and conditions of the coupon.

    If your shopping basket meets such parameters, verify you’ve entered all information correctly.

    If your coupon is still not working and you believe that it should, we're here to help. Please contact Customer Care if you need assistance.


  • How do I check my JD Sports Gift Card balance?

    You can check the balance of your JD Sports Gift Card by visiting our Gift Card page at Enter your gift card number and PIN on the back of the gift card, click the “I am not a robot” reCAPTCHA checkbox and then click on “Check Balance”. 


  • What if my JD Sports Gift Card doesn’t work?

    First, make sure the JD Sports Gift Card Number and PIN on the back of the gift card are entered correctly. If you are still unable to apply the gift card, there may not be any funds left on the gift card to use. 

    You can check the balance of your JD Sports Gift Card by visiting our Gift Card page at Enter your gift card number and PIN on the back of the gift card, click the “I am not a robot” reCAPTCHA checkbox and then click on “Check Balance”.

    If there is a balance on your gift card and the gift card is not being accepted, we're here to help. Please contact Customer Care if you need assistance.

  • Why didn’t my order go through?

    Sometimes, your order may not go through for various reasons. You may have provided incorrect information or your method of payment may otherwise be unavailable.  

    If you are having trouble processing an order online using a debit or credit card, please first contact the debit or credit card provider for verification of your customer information on your form of payment and availability of your method of payment. 

    If you continue to have trouble processing your order after resolving any issues with your method of payment, you can order your product by contacting Customer Care or by visiting a JD Sports store.



  • How is sales tax calculated?
    JD Sports charges and collects applicable sales tax on the merchandise it sells in accordance with state and local laws and remits the tax collected to the applicable state and/or locality.
    Sales tax is calculated on the purchase price of the merchandise and may also be calculated on shipping charges depending on whether the state or locality requires the collection of tax on shipping charges. Generally, the sales tax is determined based upon where the product is to be shipped in accordance with the laws of that state and/or locality.
    The terms contained herein are subject to change as the taxation of online transactions is continually evolving. JD Sports strives to comply with state and local tax laws as they exist currently and continues to monitor and update its taxation policies as those laws change.
    Please go to the “Purchase Summary” on our checkout pages to review the sales tax calculated for your online order. 
    If you have any questions about sales tax you are charged on your order or if you believe your order should be tax exempt, please contact Customer Care. We'd be happy to help you figure it out. 
  • When is my state’s sales tax holiday?

    Certain states offer Sales Tax Holidays during certain times of the year. Generally, these tax holidays relate to back to school purchases related to JD Sports’ business and occur during July and August of each year, although the tax holidays may also occur at other times during the year.
    Click here for a list of this year’s Sales Tax Holidays in the U.S. and U.S. Territories we do business in.  The list of Sales Tax Holiday dates may change or vary. 
    Please be aware:

    • Each state or locality may change its rules from time to time as to what types of products and what dollar thresholds are eligible and not eligible for the holiday exemption from sales tax.
    • Purchases generally must be shipped to a state with a Sales Tax Holiday to be eligible for the state’s Sales Tax Holiday exemption.
    • A state’s Sales Tax Holiday exemption will be applied automatically at checkout on eligible purchases.


  • What is Afterpay?
    Use Afterpay to make purchases in equal installments, interest free. See all the Frequently Asked Questions about Afterpay at the bottom of the page here. See the terms of the Afterpay Purchase Payment Agreement here.
  • What is Klarna?
    Use Klarna to make purchases in equal installments, interest free. See all the Frequently Asked Questions about Klarna here