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Ellesse Clothing for Men & Women

Holding court as the retro resurgence continues to dominate, Ellesse is a brand that embodies the old school athletic-inspired design with a modern twist. Back at it again, Ellesse sportswear celebrates the intersection of sport and fashion with legendary men's and women's looks.

Founded way back in 1959 in Italy, Ellesse has long been known for marrying signature sporty vibes and runway-worthy fashion to create men’s and women’s sportswear that feels as good as it looks. Retro-infused but more relevant than ever, Ellesse sportswear continues to reign supreme as a new generation discovers their fashion-forward, ultra-comfy clothes and iconic tri-colored logo, and JD Sports is here for it. Shop our wide assortment of the latest looks from the Italian powerhouse, including Ellesse hoodies, pants and Ellesse shirts in flattering, trend-savvy silhouettes.


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