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Nike Dunk


Way back in 1985, Nike had an idea. Dress up the feet of collegiate athletes and their diehard fans with a new model that would gain some serious heat. The sneaker was the Nike Dunk, and it became the second most popular sneaker that year. While it never gained the fame or notoriety of the Air Force 1, the Nike Dunk was still a powerhouse model. For decades, it has continued to hold steady, gracing the feet of everyone from visionaries to rappers to kids on the playground.

Back and better than ever, the latest iterations of the Nike Dunk Sneakers are in new colors and modern materials to dress up your daily look. Offered in men’s and kids’ sizes, these dunks usher in a new era of throwback-meets-modern kicks. Dunks today aren’t worn on the court, but they still evoke the spirit of the hardwood, weaving a retro high-top silhouette with luxe leather and suede. Dunks can be worn with everything from joggers to basketball shorts to leggings, leveling up any laid-back look to icon status. Cop a pair of the freshest Nike Dunk sneakers at JD Sports today!